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Hey there My name is stef I am 24 years like glee and all of anime and charmed, glee, Pretty little Liars, Ravenwood, Swithched at birth,The nightmare before chriastmas, etcetera, I love move walk to remembe,The nightmare before chriastmas, West side story. i like 30 seconds to mars thes song i like from them is from yesterday very good song i love is a lot.i love my famliy and friend. i love say and quotes,i love animals,iam very nice and care and i like helping people who needs it. thank u you for looking and my blog and my page .

my favorites are find out who you and do it on purpose by Dolly Parton, what is friend a single soul dwelling in two bodies by: Aristotle,
love is always patient and kid. it is never jealous. love is never boastful or concetied. it is never rude or selfish. it does not take offense and is not resentful. love take no pleasure in other people's sins,but delights in the turth. it is always, ready to hope,and to endure whatever comes. 1 corinthians 13: 4-8, love quotes .
I am love and iam wanted and iam needded

Doctor Who Seal of Rassilon

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Today’s Artist’s Toolbox addition is a handy hair tutorial! Whether you’re looking to color long hair or short, red, blonde or black, this tutorial will help you coif all your characters’ manes! 

Tutorial by lostie










Galaxy Hair Bows, $8.50